6 Bad Habits to Stop in 2016 to Improve Your Quality of Life

For me, the New Year provides an opportunity to mend things and begin life anew. I have already made my new year resolutions for 2016, but before I begin my journey of transformation, I need to access the habits and behaviors that prevented me from accomplishing my goals in 2015 and previous years. Here are seven steps that can truly help you and me move forward in our lives for the new year.

1. Stop holding grudges

I admit it’s very difficult to forgive a person who has broken your trust, but by allowing grudges to fester, we are doing a gross disservice to ourselves. So why not let go of all the grudges, forgive others and move on. Believe me, it’s very liberating.

2. Stop the pity parties

One of the best resolutions you can make this year is to stop living in the past and let go of past hurts. Begin to look at the lessons that followed the setback that you experienced and consider how the situation has, or will, help you to emerge as a stronger person. When that 'AHA' moment comes, be thankful for it and write a new chapter for yourself.

3. Stop worrying about what others think of you

No matter what you do, someone somewhere is going to be judgmental about it. So stop worrying about what others will think for a change and go ahead and do those things that really matter to you and provide real pleasure.

4. Stop trying to buy happiness

It’s not a bad thing to aspire for better things in life, but we must recognize the fact that there are certain things that money cannot buy - the most important example being your health. The best things in life are usually free, so do what you love most instead of focusing on money or things.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others

Many of us spend precious time comparing ourselves to others, but we tend to forget that the smiling faces we see on Instagram and Facebook are just a portion of their life. We do not know what struggles or pain they may be going through, so why compare ourselves with others. Learn to be happy in your own space.

6. Stop saying “YES!”

It’s about time we realize the power of “NO” and stop saying yes to situations and people that pull us down and sap our productivity. An assertive NO will not only set healthy boundaries for ourselves but also help us to prioritize our wants and needs.

While about 40 percent of Americans make resolutions every year, a University of Scranton survey suggests that only about 8 percent of people actually accomplish our goals. Following the steps above will help you let go of some of the old habits so that you can begin to make room for new opportunities and relationships.