Allergies: How to Combat Them

It’s allergy season! Last March, the Atlanta pollen count hit 2,759, reaching what the National Allergy Bureau considers the “extremely high” range for the sixth time in the past eight days. Allergy season depends on what you are allergic to and where you are located. Factors in and outside of your home can play a huge role in your bodies’ response to allergens. According to, there are three main seasons for allergies with allergens that are primarily associated with those seasons. They are as follows:

  • Spring: In some places, spring allergy season can start as early as February. Tree pollen is the main culprit.
  • Summer: During summer, grasses, such as Timothy, Johnson, and Rye, release allergy-causing pollen.
  • Fall: Weeds are the top allergy offenders during the fall—especially ragweed, which can grow in nearly every environment.

Being able to combat allergies can help lead to a more comfortable and productive experience when dealing with allergies. Here are ways that you can combat allergies:

  • Get tested so that you know and understand what you are allergic to. This will also help you understand what type of medications you may need to potentially take.
  • Take medications prior to peak allergy season can help reduce symptoms.
  • Keep your home, car, workstations and the things that you use regularly clean as this helps reduce dust mites.
  • Keep all filters clean including air filters, vacuum filters, etc.
  • Keep yourself and your pets clean. Remember, your hair can carry pollen and pets can carry allergens in their fur.
  • If you are participating in outdoor event, try to do so in the evening as pollen counts tend to be higher in the morning.

The keys to combatting allergies are understanding your allergies, having the right medications and keeping your home, car, and workspace as clean as you can. If you need assistance with allergy symptoms, contact us today and Intown Primary Care.