Medical Plan

Are you an Atlanta resident without health insurance? Intown Primary Care is proud to offer an affordable medical plan with three annual membership packages (Silver, Gold, & Platinum) to fit your budget.

Monthly amounts will be automatically debited from the patient's credit card.

Silver Gold Platinum
$50 per Office Visit $30 per Office Visit $30 per Office Visit
$300 for Complete Physicals $200 for Complete Physicals $75 for Complete Physicals
50% off Lab Retail Costs 50% off Lab Retail Costs
25% off vaccines/injectables
Free annual influenza injection
$150/annually $250/annually $350/annually

*Certain labs are excluded from a discount and must be paid at the retail price. Lab, Vaccine and Injectable prices are subject to change without notice. Annual Membership must be paid in full at time of enrollment. Office visits and any charges incurred during that visit must be paid in full. For Lab details & prices, Vaccine & Injectable prices, please contact our staff at 404.541.0944 for more information.

**Complete Physicals include: Full Body Exam, Blood Count (CBC), Chemical Profile, Lipid Panel, Thyroid Screening (TSH), Urinalysis, & EKG. Rectal with PSA and Hemoccult is an additional $30. PAP smears and Pelvic exams are an additional $50.